Transcend 260RD

We are taking a look at the Transcend Xplor 260RD it is another of the amazing floor plans in the Xplor line. Take a look at this one and all of the other great floor plans in this line!

Primeaux RV Alexandria

We are very proud to introduce the new and improved Primeaux RV in Alexandria. Our Team there has worked very hard to get everything done and they are finally at the end. We had lots of updates to make and repairs from a tornado that devastated the lot but everything is almost complete and we are very excited to show it off!

Grand Design

We have the pleasure of dealing with some of the best manufacturers in the industry and one of the best is definitely Grand Design. Their business model of “doing the right thing” has made them a company whose culture creates a long-term, personal connection with their customers, employees, and dealers. We are going to take a closer look at the individual brands we carry and why they are one of the top manufacturers in the industry today.

Feature Friday – Reflection 287RLTS


Feature Friday this week is on our last 2020 Reflection 287RLTS. This is the last one on the lot and it’s an amazing floor plan that you have to check out!


4 Creative Campfire Ideas

4 Creative Campfire Ideas


One of the best parts about a camping trip for me is cooking over the campfire. Take your campfire cooking up a notch with these ideas for a different take on some campfire staples.



 For a salty and sweet twist on a classic campfire treat

 try making your s’mores with Ritz Crackers instead

of gram crackers.



















Craving bacon but don’t feel like getting out the cast iron skillet.

Try putting your bacon on skewers and cooking it over the












An easy way to cook crescent rolls is to simply wrap them around

something and cook them over an open fire. Take your time,

turn them ofter and you will end up with a crispy outside and

a perfectly cooked center.














If the you manage to save a few marshmallows from the s’mores

we made earlier when you put the kids to bed you can try this

boozy take on a roasted marshmallow. Just dunk your

marshmallow in Bailey before roasting and you now have

a Drunk Marshmallow!