Furry Friends Take on Camping

Camping with pets is always a fun way to involve your furry best friends in your love for outdoors! Whether you are traveling in a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or tent camping you can bring your pets along! A lot of us are big fans of traveling with our pets anywhere we go because then we do not have to worry about finding care for them while we are away and everything is a little more fun with our besties along for the ride! Keep in mind though there are a few things you need to know before setting off on a trip that involves our furry friends, so take a look below!

  • Have a trial run! Before setting off on an extended adventure, take a short trial run to see what you need. Make a list in preparation for your longer journey ahead to help make the process smoother!
  • Read up on rules! Read ahead of your campsites rules on pets. Take precaution is staying in noise restricted areas as well!
  • Be courteous of other campers! Be sure to keep noise at a moderate level if you have neighbors, pick up after your pet, and be respectful of boundaries of other campers who might be allergic or have fear of animals!
  • Extra hydration! Make sure as you’re on the go, that your pet is receiving extra hydration along the journey. A on the move home is a lot different than at home where a water bowl is in a permanent spot!
  • Remain with your pet! Try not to leave pets unattended. In a new environment with new smells, noises, and sights it’s easy for our pets to become overwhelmed. Just try and incorporate whatever you do with your pets too!

Are you lost?

The thought of being lost in the woods has probably crossed your mind once or twice. In today’s world there isn’t really a high chance of that with technology at our fingertips. However, if you for some reason have a dead device, or no way to get yourself back to base camp, here are some tips that may come in handy when finding yourself lost.

  1. Make yourself or travel known. Easily mark your journey by doing simple things like typing rope, writing you name on the ground, drawing arrows, etc. This shows where you’ve been for yourself, and for those who begin looking for you.
  2. Make noise occasionally. We know panic sets in and you may get quiet while concentrating, but stop every so often to call out a name of a friend who may be looking or “Help”. We also recommend carrying a whistle as this is good to use for noise making or sending out SOS signals.
  3. Stay calm and walk with purpose. Try and walk with a set sight in mind, do not aimlessly walk, even if you are marking where you’ve been. This creates more confusion and can cause panic.
  4. Look for familiar landmarks. Take note of familiar landmarks you pass, or stop at. This could help distinguish where you may be or a direction to walk that leads to a roadway.
  5. Make camp and stay safe. If lost after dark, don’t try and travel through the night. Set up camp to avoid direction changes and confusion you may have after dark. Make a fire and continue routine noise or whistling until you rest.

We hope no one experiences being lost anywhere, but we also want you to be prepared in case you ever are. Take a look at these tips, send them to someone who may benefit from them too! As always, enjoy yourself, stay safe, and be smart.