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Camping Activities

Camping may seem like a great way to bond, until the kids start hollering “I’m bored!” Don’t worry, every parent has been there. Here are a few kid friendly activities to help with connecting family and nature!

  1. Scavenger Hunt – Have the kids hike along with you to a new destination and pick up or find fascinating objects they find on the way! Whoever has the coolest by the end of the hike wins!
  2. Childhood Games – Show them the games you considered cool when growing up! It’s always fun learning how to play “Red Rover” or “Red Light Green Light”!
  3. Build a Fire – Children love being involved, teach them how to safely make and extinguish a fire!
  4. Charades – Who doesn’t love charades, it is the perfect around the campfire game for everyone!
  5. Setup/Pickup – Again, kids love to help, let them! Involve them in setting up the chairs, or build up the fire pit!