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Decluttering your RV: Kitchen


Camping season will be here before we know it.. Spring is around the corner and its time to get the RV ready for the near future camping trips. We all know how it feels to look at our camper and think it looks/feels cluttered. In the next few blog posts I will be going room by room with you to help you get your camper decluttered!

Start off getting a list together.  It will keep you aware of what all needs to be accomplished. It will also help you from getting overwhelmed and once you get things done you can check them off and know which step needs to be taken next.   It also helps you feel a bit accomplished when you see how much you’ve done. Always a plus!

The majority of RV interiors have been designed with organization in mind. There are usually ample cabinets, dressers and compartments under the furniture. Not to mention the storage bays accessed from the outside of the RV. Even with all the space, a little extra organization can go a long way. Not only will you make the most of your space, you won’t have to worry about finding this or that thing or battling clutter because everything will have its place. So let’s go through the RV room by room and talk storage solutions and organization. Today we will go over the Kitchen.



In most RVs the kitchen and living area is combined into one space. Having this area organized not only makes food preparation easier, it contributes to a warm and welcoming space the whole family can enjoy. While most RV’s come with plenty of cabinets, much of the space inside the cabinets are some times wasted because there aren’t shelves, just a big open space. Adding an extra shelf or two greatly increases the space and makes it easier to put things away.



Pictured above from . They added a wire shelf to give them more room in their kitchen cabinets. 


Picture above: Install an under-cabinet paper plate dispenser.



Everyone should have spices on hand for flavor but the glass bottles can quickly get unruly without a system in place. Here are few ideas as picture above.

LEFT: Spice gripper clip strips from Amazon
TOP MIDDLE: Ditch the glass bottles all together and store spices in small-labeled ziplock bags.
BOTTOM MIDDLE: Many RVers are fans of the DIY magnetic spice racks. Look for an old pie tin for the magnetic spice jars to stick on. It will stay in place while traveling down the road.

TOP RIGHT: A regular small spice rack fastened above the stove. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: Place spices in small drawers. Make sure they are labeled for easy identification.

LEFT: An adjustable corner shelf and basket used above the sink to make the most of the countertop space.

RIGHT: Adjustable and expandable shelf From Amazon


Save space with glasses, dishes, and kitchenware that nest inside of each other.

I love this Joseph Joseph set of mixing bowls, strainers, and measuring cups all tucked away in one handy bowl.

Use curtain tension rods to store flat items vertically.

Use curtain tension rods to store flat items vertically.

Attach file folders to the inside of a cupboard, for extra storage.


I hope you got an idea or two while reading this post! Please stay tuned for the next post on decluttering your RV!



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