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Decluttering your RV: Living Area


As I said before, camping season will be here before we know it.. Spring is around the corner and its time to get the RV ready for the near future camping trips. We all know how it feels to look at our camper and think it looks/feels cluttered.  As I promised, I’m are going room by room with you to help you get your camper decluttered!

Start off getting a list together.  It will keep you aware of what all needs to be accomplished. It will also help you from getting overwhelmed and once you get things done you can check them off and know which step needs to be taken next.   It also helps you feel a bit accomplished when you see how much you’ve done. Always a plus!

Today we will be talking about the Living Area!

An RV is the ultimate tiny-living space. Meticulous organization will make a carefree life on the road that much more comfortable. With that being said, most RV’s do have ample storage space. Those of you with Booth Dinettes in your camper most likely have lots of storage underneath the seats. Also, most of time those storage areas are connected to the outside storage compartments, making it easy access from the inside and the outside. Pictured below.

You can also add slide out drawers underneath your table or booth dinette for storing small items.

Those of you that have a table and chairs might also have storage. Pictured below.

This is great place to store small things such as magazines, games, or the kids art supplies.


Storing pillows, blankets, and extra bedding under your pullout sofa can help free up cabinet space! Pictured Below.

Use a DVD Binders Instead of Cases.DVD cases take up a lot of space. Ditch the cases and get a DVD/CD binder instead.

RV space saving ideas: Store your DVDs and CDs in a binder!

Alternatively, Take Everything Digital

Instead of using your precious storage space on a DVD binder, download all your movies onto an external hard drive (here’s a guide). You can also keep all your music on there (or just use Pandora). Heck, use an e-reader or kindle instead of carrying physical books, while you’re at it!

I hope you got an idea or two while reading this post! Please stay tuned for the next post on decluttering your RV!