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A hot spot to visit in Louisiana is Kisatchie National Forest! Nestled throughout Louisiana it holds many amazing amenities! It is one of Louisiana’s only national forests and boasts 604,000 acres to explore with friends and family!It is split into five districts and provides a number of recreational activities like biking, hiking, horse-back riding, ATV accessibility, fishing, boating, and hunting!

There are also a number of swimming spots scattered in each district. There are several swimming spots in creeks, bayous, and lakes all in Kisatchie National forest. Each district also has a spot designated for fishing and boating such as Caney Lake in the Caney Ranger District. Do not fret on where to camp out either, all of the districts within have tent and travel trailer availability for a weekend getaway or an extended stay!

Their website features a full list of rules and regulations, maps, hunting and fishing permit dates, trail statuses, and even a “Plan Your Own Adventure” tab! Check it out here!


Furry Friends Take on Camping

Camping with pets is always a fun way to involve your furry best friends in your love for outdoors! Whether you are traveling in a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or tent camping you can bring your pets along! A lot of us are big fans of traveling with our pets anywhere we go because then we do not have to worry about finding care for them while we are away and everything is a little more fun with our besties along for the ride! Keep in mind though there are a few things you need to know before setting off on a trip that involves our furry friends, so take a look below!

  • Have a trial run! Before setting off on an extended adventure, take a short trial run to see what you need. Make a list in preparation for your longer journey ahead to help make the process smoother!
  • Read up on rules! Read ahead of your campsites rules on pets. Take precaution is staying in noise restricted areas as well!
  • Be courteous of other campers! Be sure to keep noise at a moderate level if you have neighbors, pick up after your pet, and be respectful of boundaries of other campers who might be allergic or have fear of animals!
  • Extra hydration! Make sure as you’re on the go, that your pet is receiving extra hydration along the journey. A on the move home is a lot different than at home where a water bowl is in a permanent spot!
  • Remain with your pet! Try not to leave pets unattended. In a new environment with new smells, noises, and sights it’s easy for our pets to become overwhelmed. Just try and incorporate whatever you do with your pets too!

Camping Gear Must Haves

There are a few essentials you should bring camping. Whether you are tent camping, traveling by RV or Travel trailer – you’re going to need these top items for your trip. Some of these things will help with cooking, comfort, or just your overall experience on your adventure so we are here to help with a handy dandy list! Check out ours below, and if we missed anything, let us know!

  • Blankets                                                                                     Watch
  • Pillow                                                                                          Portable Power Box
  • Towels                                                                                        Lantern/Flashlights
  • Bug Spray                                                                                  First Aid Kit
  • Map                                                                                             Matches/Lighter

We really hope this helps on your future road trips!

Destination Camping: Chicot State Park

Chicot State Park

3469 Chicot Park Road

Ville Platte, La 70586


Chicot State Park is located in South Central Louisiana on Lake Chicot. The State Park has about 6,400 acres of woodland and waterways. The park features all sorts of activities as well as 3 locations to relax and enjoy natures beauty. The first is the South Landing and includes cabins, picnic ares, playground, boat launch, fishing pier, and boat rentals. The second is the North Landing with campsites, boat launch, and a pier. The thrid is the East Landing which is more under developed but still has basic camping sites and a boat launch.

The park caters to all types of adventurists like campers, backpackers, cyclists, fishermen and fisher-women, and hikers. They also have a 20 mile hiking trail and an 8-mile canoe trail for those who are water lovers.

      • Cabins
      • Fishing
      • Boating
      • Hiking
      • Campsites

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Campfire Safety

Just in case you forgot, here are 5 quick tips for practicing campfire safety! When camping and using a campfire freely or in a fire pit it’s important to follow the right safety procedures for you and everyone around you, as well as wildlife.

Take the wind into consideration. A heavy breeze may blow fire into nearby objects that are flammable.

Make sure to have water close by. If your fire gets out of hand, having water nearby can be really helpful.

Never leave your campfire unattended. A fire that isn’t monitored can potentially be dangerous.

Watch children around your campfire. Kids can be curious, and sometimes they require extra watching around the fire.

Always put your campfire completely out. Make sure all cinders are extinguished and campfire is no longer smoking.